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When you begin to engage in soccer, you must come into it with a positive outlook.  First and foremost, you need to think of the sport as something that will be fun.  Soccer is a game after all.  The reason why this initial concept of soccer as a fun activity is important is because it sets the parameters for you to play the game with a positive mindset.  This way of thinking is absolutely crucial for anyone to experience any level of success in the world and is most definitely true in soccer as well, where a bit of positivity can go a long ways.

Ever seen a team dominate the momentum of a soccer game and you can simply feel that a goal is coming?  This is due to the team thinking positively and getting on an emotional high during a match.  Everything goes their way and they can sense that every pass, tackle, or shot will go their way too.  The end result is typically a well-orchestrated goal.

Thinking positive is about belief in one's self.  Never go into a challenge fearing the worst, because that is a recipe for failure.  When you go in to win the ball, you must believe that you will get it.  When you take a shot, visualize the ball crashing into the net for a goal.  The ability for forethought and planning is what makes us humans after all, so take advantage of your opportunities to succeed and believe that you can truly make a difference.

It is incredible how much a belief in your abilities and a positive mindset can make the difference in a soccer game.  You will be making plays that surprise everyone.  Who knew what a powerful shot you possess?  Or how about your new-found ability to take the ball past defenders 1 on 1.  With a happy head, you can achieve anything.

The positivity will also benefit you in how you go about training and preparation.  Instead of dreading the heat (or cold) of the weather on game day, think about how you will fight through these testing elements.  Instead of fuming about why the coach left you on the bench, think about how much you will take advantage of the minutes you do get.  Or spend the time analyzing the weaknesses of your opponents so you can exploit them when you get on the field.  Every single thought that comes into your head is an opportunity to think either positively or negatively. Who do you think feels more confident in themselves and finds the most success?  Here's a hint:  it's the positive ones!

So now that you have this knowledge of positivity in your head, take advantage of it!  How can you end the day as a better soccer player than you were this morning?  How can you deal with a past failure and use it as a positive learning experience to grow from?  Thinking about the brighter aspects of life will not only help you achieve success in soccer but also in other aspects of your life.  So, why wait and dwell on negativity.  Turn that frown upside down and start having fun in soccer!

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